I design systems that combine complementary abilities of human and AI decision-makers.

Designing human–AI partnerships for K-12 education
2014 - present
exploring how AI systems and human teachers might more effectively build on each others' complementary strengths
Fairness + explanation in human–AI systems
2014 - present
supporting fairer decision-making in human-machine partnerships
Teacher smart glasses (Lumilo)
2016 - present
smart glasses that tune human teachers in to the rich analytics that drive intelligent learning software
Co-design + prototyping for human–AI systems
2015 - present
how can we meaningfully involve non-technical stakeholders in the design of complex, data-driven algorithmic systems?
Co-designing the future of care work(ers)
2016 - present
co-designing systems that augment and amplify the abilities of care workers (such as social workers and teachers), instead of trying to replace them
Extensible Student Models
2015 - present
towards democratizing student modeling, for use in intelligent tutoring software, learning analytics tools, and education research
Learning from experience to personalize instruction
2014 - 2015
using historical student-interaction data to discover more effective activity-selection policies for adaptive learning software
Discovering hidden causes from noisy observations
2013 - 2014
(how) do humans come to infer unobserved/latent causal entities, based on noisy observations of 'black box' systems?
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