Our lab is recruiting multiple postdoctoral researchers in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, adaptive technologies for learning, HCI, learning analytics, and classroom orchestration technologies, under the guidance of Dr. Vincent Aleven, Professor of Human Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (https://hcii.cmu.edu/).
We have several new projects involving the design, development, enhancement, and/or evaluation of adaptive technologies for students and teachers. A postdoctoral researcher could make creative contributions and shape these projects according to their interests and insight.
Two projects focus on analytics-based, wearable teacher support tools that help teachers help their students, while students use intelligent tutoring software:  (1) The first of these projects extends an existing tool, exploring ways to better support teachers in moving from analytics to action. This project is a collaboration with a team at Carnegie Learning, Inc., led by Dr. Steve Ritter, Dr. Bruce McLaren, HCII, CMU, and PhD candidate Kenneth Holstein, HCII, CMU.  (2) In a second project, we will co-design, develop, and pilot test tools to help teachers orchestrate effective peer tutoring, in the context of a broader classroom technology ecosystem. This project is a collaboration with Dr. Nikol Rummel at the University of Bochum, Germany and PhD candidate Kenneth Holstein, CMU.
In a third project, we will investigate how tutoring software can support students effectively in learning conceptual knowledge of a domain. This project is a collaboration with the Lab of Dr. Martha Alibali, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
A possible fourth project (in collaboration with Dr. Ken Koedinger, HCII, CMU and Dr. Judith Harackiewicz, University of Wisconsin, Madison) deals with investigating how support for motivation and cognition/metacognition might amplify each others' benefits for student learning.
Depending on your interests and skills, there will be opportunities for you to focus on areas of interest, including AI and machine learning, design/co-design, technical HCI, or classroom studies/experiments.
Start date: Negotiable but preferable soon. Duration negotiable as well, but preferably 2 years with possibility of extension
Qualifications: Recently-completed PhD in a field related to education, educational technology, or educational psychology (e.g., Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology, Education, Computer Science, Informatics) and others. A passion for making a difference in the lives of school students.
Interested? Contact Dr. Vincent Aleven, HCII, CMU:  aleven <at> cs.cmu.edu
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